How it all began-

Love Your Selfie was a dream created from a need for a larger space for MXM Photography and a desire for more experiences in Wichita Falls. Through a partnership with Sikes Senter Mall and many weeks of demolition, remodeling, painting, and gluing- our dream became a reality! Each space was custom designed and then created either by hand or digitally. We are always coming up with new ideas to add and swap out! Enjoy a few of our progress photos from start to finish!

While MandeMXM Photography primarily works in the volume department photographing daycares, sports, and schools, we also have a large blank space available for mini sessions, seniors, and other photographers to utilize. Cody really loves the one on one sessions and as time allows, would love to take on private sessions!

Together, along with our combined eight children, our goal is to bring more family-friendly activities to the space and become a creative place for influencers to build their brands!